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jacks or better multi-hand online video poker

Jacks or Better Multi-Hand Online Video Poker Strategies for Intermediate Players

Today, we’ll go over some helpful Jacks or Better Multi-Hand Online Video Poker strategies and tips that will help you increase your win rate and have a better time playing this exciting casino game. Did you know that of all casino games, video poker has the highest payout percentage?  While the house edge for traditional…

double joker online video poker

Double Joker Multi-Hand Video Poker Strategies – An Intermediate Guide

Double Joker Multi-Hand Video Poker Strategies   Two Jokers Each deck of cards contains two Jokers rather than just one. As a result, we have more opportunities to compile strong poker hands, and our chances of making premium hands are increased. We also have more combinations than with a standard French deck.  The paytables or…

deuces wild game for experts

Deuces Wild Multi-Hand Review: Time To Nail It!

Deuces Wild Multi-Hand Review & Expert Guide Advanced Strategy To Play Deuces Wild Multi-Hand Deuces Wild is one of the most difficult video poker games available. It’s difficult enough to master fundamental strategies for this tremendously complex game, but we’ve made advanced strategy more approachable by using real-world examples. In general, video poker games featuring…