Deuces Wild Multi-Hand Strategies – Are You Ready To Go Wild?

An Intermediate Guide To The Game

Deuces Wild multi hand game tutorial

Basic Strategy To Play Deuces Wild Multi-Hand!

The simplest way to understand the Deuces Wild strategy is to look at a few graphs. These charts will tell you exactly what you should do in specific situations, and if you follow the charts’ instructions, you will be able to maximise your winnings. 

There are five charts to choose from, and you must use the one that matches the number of Deuces in your hand. You should also remember two general rules: never discard a Deuce and never hold any single card unless it is a Deuce.

Play Deuces Wild Multi-Hand Video Poker for Fun

Four Deuces 

If you are dealt Four Deuces, keep them because you will be eligible for a large prize of up to 1000 coins.

Three Deuces

Keep your hand if it creates a Royal Flush; else, discard the two cards that aren’t Deuces.

Two Deuces

  • If you have a four-of-a-kind or better hand, retain it (if you have four of a kind, discard the fifth card and hope for a five-of-a-kind). If you have four of the five cards needed for a Royal Flush, keep four of them and discard the fifth. 
  • If you have a Straight Flush with four cards and two connected cards of 6-7 or higher, retain the four cards and discard the other. 
  • Keep your Deuces and discard the rest of the cards for all other combinations.

One Deuce

  • If you have a four-of-a-kind or better hand, retain it (if you have four of a kind, discard the fifth card and hope for a five-of-a-kind). If you have four of the five cards needed for a Royal Flush, keep four of them and discard the fifth. 
  • Maintain a Full House 
  • Keep four of the cards needed for a Straight Flush, with three consecutive cards of 5-7 or higher, and discard the others. 
  • Keep three of a kind and discard the other two cards; keep Straights and Flushes as well. 
  • If you have four of the required cards for a Straight Flush, retain four of them and discard the other.
  • Keep three of the cards required for a Royal Flush and discard the other two. 
  • Keep the three cards and discard the other two if you have three of the cards needed for a Straight Flush with two connected cards (6-7 or higher). 
  • Keep the Deuce and toss out the remaining four cards.

No Deuces 

  • Keep a Royal Flush; discard the other card if you have four of the required cards for a Royal Flush. 
  • From 3 of a Kind to Straight Flush, keep any made hand (if you have 3 of a Kind exactly then discard the other two cards). 
  • If you have four of the required cards for a Straight Flush, discard the fifth. 
  • If you have a Royal Flush with three cards, discard the other two. 
  • Discard the other three cards if you have a Pair. 
  • Discard the fifth card if you have four cards in a Flush
  • If you have four open-ended Straights, you must discard the fifth card. 
  • If you have three cards in a Straight Flush, you must discard the other two. 
  • Unless the missing card is a 2, discard the fifth card if you have four cards of an Inside Straight. 
  • Discard the other three cards if you have two Royal Flush cards (J, Q, or higher). 
  • All five of your cards should be discarded.

Play Deuces Wild Multi-Hand Video Poker for Fun

How To Use The Charts 

The above charts may appear to be a little complicated at first, but they are actually quite simple to use. When you get a hand, count how many Deuces you have and then go to the chart that corresponds. You can then raise your hand and follow the instructions. In many circumstances, your hand will fit multiple scenarios on a chart; in that case, you simply select the one with the highest ranking.

Consider the following scenario: you’ve been dealt King Diamonds, 4 Diamonds, 3 Diamonds, 5 Clubs, and 6 Diamonds. Because there are no Deuces in the hand, you know you’re dealing with the No Deuces chart. On the chart, the hand can be used in three different scenarios. 

  • To begin, you have a three-card Straight Flush (the 3, 4, and 6 of Diamonds), which is rated eighth on the chart.
  • Second, you have four cards of an Open-Ended Straight (3, 4, 5, and 6), which is the chart’s seventh highest ranking. 
  • Finally, you have a Flush with four cards (King, 4, 3, and 6), which is ranked number six on the ranking. This signifies that you must follow the directions at number six because it is the highest ranking; you must discard the fifth card and keep the remaining cards.

Don’t worry if this seems perplexing; you’ll get used to it quickly. You may try utilising these strategy charts in demo mode at Willis Casino before moving on to real money play once you’ve mastered the basics. Your Deuces Wild winnings will soon begin to rise, and the approach will have become second nature to you.

Play Deuces Wild Multi-Hand Video Poker for Fun

Odds & Probabilities 

A Short Story Of Odds & Probabilities

Let’s understand this through an example. Steve, a colleague of ours, is someone we’ve met through square dancing. He’s retired and recently thought that gambling might be a good way to supplement his monthly income, so he asked us which game he should learn first. For quarters, we told him Full Pay Deuces Wild. 

It’s a simple game to pick up, and it’s available in a few locations around his home (specifically, Sunset Station, Fiesta Henderson, and Sam’s Town – probably additional locations as well). He’ll only make around $6 an hour playing the game, and he’ll need a lot of practise to get proficient enough to do that. Even so, it’s a good place to start.

He purchased the Dancer/Daily Winners Guide to Full Pay Deuces Wild software and the Video Poker for Winners software four months ago. He’s barely read 25 pages of the book and spent less than two hours on the computer practising. This isn’t a case of “he’s too busy.” This is a case of “he’s not very motivated.” That’s okay. Each individual must decide for himself how good he wants to be and how much he is ready to study in order to achieve his goals.

So Steve was playing in a casino with one deuce and four natural royal cards for a 125-coin spades wild royal flush. This struck him as quite odd, and he calculated that it might happen once in a half million or so times.

After the fact, determining the actual odds might be a difficult task. He happened to be holding the deuce of spades and was dealt the cards A♠, K♠, Q♠, and J♠. This precise draw occurs once every 178,365 years. If he considers A♠, K♠, Q♠, and T♠ to be equally special, or a wild royal in any of the other three suits, or even one with another deuce or two tossed in, the number can drop as low as once in 686. One number is approximately 260 times larger than the other. That’s a really broad range.

He went on to ask us what the chances were of holding W (a deuce), A♥, K♥, and filling in the wild royal? This one took us less than 20 seconds to figure out in our head, and it has a one in 72 probability of happening. Because most of you aren’t as obsessed with video poker as we are, you haven’t had nearly as much practise solving such a problem in your thoughts. Let’s have a look at how that works.

The last two cards must be chosen from the following pool: Q♥, J♥, T♥, and the remaining three deuces. Any of these six cards can be drawn initially, and after that, you only have five cards left. Because the order doesn’t matter (whether you draw the Q♥ first, then the T♥, or the T♥ first, then the Q♥), the calculation is 6 * 5 / 2 = 15 distinct ways to finish the wild royal with those three initial held cards. Because there are 1,081 potential ways to draw two cards from that location, the answer is 15 / 1081 = 1 / 72 (roughly), or one chance in 72.

We then speculated that holding W♥, A♥, and K♥ was possibly a mistake! He didn’t trust us when we told him. He told us that the hand had nothing else in it to hold. 

While W ,A, K can be held in some scenarios, there are many more where you should hold simply the deuce or another combination. It’s plausible to infer that the hand only had one deuce and that no cards were paired up (making 3-of-a-kind). That was obvious to even a novice. There was also unlikely to be a flush or straight deal, as well as Q♥, J♥, or T♥. Recognizing that Steve’s existing talents allow him to do so.

Was there, however, a lower heart dealt? How about an ill-advised Q, J, or T? Strong players just hold the deuce in all of these situations. It’s normally proper to only hold the deuce with an unsuited 3, and it’s sometimes correct to hold the deuce with other low cards, such as 45 or 46 (where it doesn’t matter if these last two cards are suited with each other or not!) How about 6♦ and 7♦? Is he aware that W 67 is better than W AK?

Experienced skilled players can see these things at a glance, but Steve may have overlooked them altogether. He hasn’t done enough practise on the computer or read far enough in the Winner’s Guide to make these instinctive. However, he has been playing in casinos and is on his way to becoming a seasoned but inept player. At this rate, he’ll just learn to make more mistakes!

Was it a mistake for Steve to hold W,A,K on the real hand he played at the casino? We don’t know. He can’t remember what the other two cards were. Perhaps one day he’ll learn enough to realise that all five cards play a role in his decisions! He has the proper equipment for the job. All he has to do now is put them to use.

Play Deuces Wild Multi-Hand Video Poker for Fun

Deuces Wild Game Tips & Tricks

You’ve figured out the Deuces Wild strategy in terms of math and basic drawing principles, but that doesn’t mean you’ve figured out the whole game. After thousands of hands of Deuces Wild video poker and other video poker machines, I can offer you some advice to help you get the most out of this strategy guide. 

So, here are the top four pointers to remember when playing Deuces Wild:

Think About Risk Of Ruin 

You’ll need a sizable bankroll if you want to play Deuces Wild video poker in the real world and win money with this ideal method. To ensure you don’t go broke before realising your equity in Deuces Wild, you’ll need roughly 5,000 betting units. Even with this many betting units, you still have a 4 percent chance of losing your poker bankroll. 

If you don’t want to accept this risk, increasing your bankroll to 10,000 units will lower your risk even more, placing it considerably below 1% and very near to 0%. If you employ our Deuces Wild video poker technique with a little bankroll, keep in mind that you could lose everything. To live and thrive with the tactic, you’ll need to run well early on.

Never Deviate From Strategy

This is an important aspect that we cannot emphasise enough! If you’re going to have a good time and take unwarranted risks, you might as well play slot machines, which are usually a lot more fun. If you want to make money at the casino, though, you need to stick to the best Deuces Wild strategy and never stray from it. Even the tiniest variations in your technique will detract from your overall results. You will make less money each hour the more mistakes you make.

Make Use Of Comps & Promotions

In the Deuces Wild video poker game, a winning player can have an edge of less than 1%, which does mount up over time but is not your only advantage. Because you can defeat the casino for a modest sum of money, you can also rack up a substantial number of bonuses or loyalty points while winning money. 

These comp points can be exchanged for a variety of gifts, and they are absolutely free to obtain. In the larger scheme of things, you’re still a big winner if you can play thousands of hands, win a little money, and accumulate plenty of comps.

Keep The Charts In Hand 

We all want to think we’re smarter than we are, but learning the complete Deuces Wild video poker strategy is a difficult task that takes time. As a result, We strongly advise printing out the full strategy and keeping it on hand while playing until you are certain you are not making any mistakes. 

Every error you make can reduce your overall win rate by up to 0.05 percent, and there’s no reason to ever reduce your chances of winning when you can always reference the chart.

Play Deuces Wild Multi-Hand Video Poker for Fun

The Bottomline

The fact that expert gamblers who have mastered the Deuces Wild poker technique also like playing other casino games is probably their worst flaw. When you’re playing your favourite machine, you’ll be surrounded by other gambling games that aren’t nearly as profitable or intelligent bets. Unless you merely want to play video poker for enjoyment, it is vital that you avoid gambling. If you start playing slot machines with RTPs in the low 90 percent range or switch to other games, you might soon lose your hard-earned Deuces Wild wins.

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