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Popping Pinatas online slot för nybörjare

Would you like to have an amazing Mexican-style party? If you answered yes, then you should get some piñata action. Rival Gaming’s Popping Pinatas is a fun online slot game. Every player will find 3D-like, comical images in this online slot, which include two intriguing characters adjacent to the reels, a plethora of colorful items around the symbols, and unique symbols on the reels.

Popping Pinatas is a modern slot machine with a tale that revolves around a Mexican party. We can also see a handful of similar titles published each year. Rival Gaming did a commendable job on every single component of the slot, at least in terms of design and rewards, but there are some drawbacks to consider.

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Popping Pinatas Slot Features

popping Pinatas features 

Popping Pinatas features 50 active lines on its 5×3 reels, which means you have a lot of possibilities to win. Top wins of up to 2,500x the bet, or $312,500, appear to be sufficient for any new slot game, but the 94.35 percent RTP is less appealing. Moving on to the game’s main features, there’s a Day Round Puppy Wild and a Night Round Pinata Bird Wild, as well as scatters and extra games. Let’s understand the feature in detail.

Betting & Price 

popping pinatas betting and price

You can experiment with the betting options, and while we recommend staying with wagers that cover all 50 lines, you can also reduce the number of active paylines. Otherwise, you can wager anywhere from $0.50 to $125 every spin, with up to ten $0.25 coins per line. 

Regular combos will give you the best payouts, with the Dancer symbol paying up to 2,500x the line bet on each line it fully covers. Given the probability of a full screen of such symbols (and maybe wilds), the game could pay out up to 2,500 times the bet ($312,500 maximum payout).

While we think the top prize is very good, the 94.35 percent RTP that has been quoted for this game has us a little less thrilled. Rival’s offer with Popping Pinatas is rather low, given that most decent slots are currently at 96 percent or more.

Night & Day 

popping pinatas features

There are two separate wild symbols that can show on the reels, depending on whether you’re in Day or Night mode. They can help you out in a variety of ways. These are both substitute symbols for others, but when given the opportunity, they also pay out directly. The Day Round wild can pay up to 1,000 times your bet, while the Night Round wild can pay up to 750 times your bet. 

There is also a scatter symbol, which is the Skull. It also pays, although at a much lower rate, and it activates the Night Round mode. These scatters can only be found in the Day Rounds. Simultaneously, there’s a chance it’ll start a bonus game called Find Pequeno.

Theme & Design

It’s a very familiar concept, but it’s done exceptionally well here. There are animated Mexican singers accompanying the reels at all times, as well as a lovely dancer and a street in a nearby town in the background. Moving on to the reels, there are just themed symbols. 

First, we have photos of Pequeno, a Toucan Pinata, Skulls, a Donkey Pinata, and a Lost Dog Poster in the feature symbols. Second, we have the Dancer, two singers, trumpet, guitar, hat, noisemakers, tequila, and three varieties of peppers as regular symbols (yellow, orange, and green).

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How to Play Popping Pinatas Online Slot

Set your bet initially when you load the game. Choose a coin value between one penny and twenty-five cents. Then decide how many coins each line you want to bet. The value might range from 1 to 10. You can choose how many lines you want to play because this is a variable payline slot. You have the option of playing 1 to 50 lines. 

how to play popping Pinatas

The unusual day and night mode is included with Popping Pinatas online slot. As a result, there are two wild symbols in the slot: one for the day mode and one for the night mode. Except for scatters, wild symbols can be used to replace any other symbol. The bonus symbols activate a bonus game with two different bonus features.

The donkey sign appears in the day mode pinata bonus, which activates the Pinata Popping bonus game, where you can win large.

how to play popping pinatas

The Perdido symbol appears on the night mode piñata, which triggers the Find Pequeno bonus game, a dog bonus game with a good chance of a huge win.

Catalina, the dancing girl, is the highest-paid icon. So keep an eye out for her when clicking the pin button. You win 2500 times your investment if she appears on the screen five times. If you get four Catalina dancer icons on the reels, you’ll win 250 times your bet. 

When an active payline is filled, each of the two mariachis pays 500 times your bet. The jalapeño, on the other hand, is the lowest paying icon, allowing you to earn only 25x your line bet if you have five jalapenos on the play grid.

Play Popping Pinatas Slot for Fun

how to play popping pinatas

Vem kan spela detta spel?

​​There aren’t many limits on who can play the Popping Pinatas casino game, but it’s safe to say that they must be over 18 years old, have an account or membership with an online casino that offers it, and, of course, have money to put in. To be regarded as valid players of the game, the preceding characteristics are more or less required.

Play Popping Pinatas Slot for Fun

Where Can I Play Popping Pinatas Slot for Free?

There are limited but enough sites to play Popping Pinatas online. However, the Willis Casino is one of the highlighted options to choose from. This is a free online casino site that allows players to play Popping Pinatas for real money and try it for free. Willis Casino also has an interesting layout and guidance to offer.

The site by itself has various slot games, scratch tickets, and other beneficial offers to make your playing and betting genuinely interesting and so even for Popping Pinatas, it is a trusted and fair platform to play. Willis Casino also offers you a welcome bonus. To qualify for any of the Welcome Bonuses, you must make a deposit of at least $20/€/£. When you make a deposit at Willis Casino, the bonus will be automatically applied to your account. 

For example, if your first deposit is $50, you will receive another $100 in your bonus account, giving you a total of $150 plus 500 free spins!

Play Popping Pinatas Slot for Fun

Expert Advice by Willis Casino 

popping pinatas for beginners


Popping Pinatas Slot Game Music 

As a recommendation, when playing this free casino slot game for fun, use headphones to increase your immersion in the game and to hear all of the fantastic sound effects that this new mobile slot game has to offer. Furthermore, the next-generation graphics in this game will astound gamers the first time they play this free casino slot game.

Popping Pinatas promises a flurry of winnings and bonus rounds that will entice players all over the world to keep an eye on it and play it again and again. The free casino slot game with bonus rounds may be played for real money or for fun, making it ideal for those who want to give it a try first and see what all the fuss is about.

If you enjoy popping pinatas, you should try your hand at this new free casino slot game with bonus rounds and become the life of the party in Buena Suerte. This colorful party fills the screen with brilliant, dynamic décor, and the reels only add to the fun – spin them for bonus rounds and big payouts in this free casino slot game.

Popping Pinatas Slot Game Graphics

As previously stated, this 5-reel, 50-payline free casino slot game is unquestionably one of the best-looking games available right now, providing players from all over the world with the genuine colors of fun and luck. Every single emblem that appears on the reels is created with the utmost skill and care by professionals in the artistic area, garnering recognition for all of the Rival Powered games, including, of course, Popping Pinatas.

Players will be able to see the numbers that match to their equal payline to the sides of the reels, which are the game’s main focus, so they know how much they’re going to win. When bonus rounds are earned, they will be shown, and players will enjoy the thrill of playing extra rounds on the reels anytime they hit the appropriate combinations.

This free casino slot game’s screen also displays their total balance and total bet balance, which is displayed in cash rather than standard coins. This helps players better grasp their balance and how well they’re doing when rescuing Catalina’s missing dog or trying to win her heart with Pancho and Pepe’s serenades. Players can win money and prolong their lucky streak by just pressing the spin button as the game develops in front of their eyes.

One of the main attractions for players visiting an online casino site is free casino slot games for fun, which is why Rival has worked so hard in the last few months to produce a game worthy of their expectations and loyalty throughout the years. New players should take advantage of this opportunity to test out this game and see what a high-quality free slot game with bonus rounds looks like without having to download software to their computers or pay to play.

Having listed all the features, let’s go through the pros and cons of Popping Pinatas.


  • Popping Pinatas was appreciated and well accepted by its players. 
  • The minimum bet stake is €/$0.50. 
  • The layout of Popping Pinatas is not traditional. Try 50 different methods to win. 
  • A thrilling game with high stakes. The maximum wager amount is €/$ 125. 
  • There’s a lot of money to be won there – up to €/$ 312500.


  • The average RTP for slots is over 96%. 
  • Only 94.35 percent is the expected return on this game.

Play Popping Pinatas Slot for Fun

The Verdict

Popping Pinatas is a fun game that can keep you glued to the screen. It’s a fun slot machine with excellent graphics, animation, and sound effects. The music and characters were fantastic. This online slot game is both thrilling and enjoyable to play. The vibrant colors and appealing characters appeal to players. 

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