Winsanity – It’s Time To Level Up!

An intermediate level guide to the game!

Rival Gaming has created Winsanity, a non-progressive video slot. This game involves the use of graphics and offers seamless gameplay. The game has a retro touch to it. Rival Gaming has designed the game in such a way that the game keeps rolling on and the wins keep coming in! The overall theme is very colourful and a fresh tune has been set to it ensuring that you will have lots of love for this classic slot. It will have you playing for long hours and build up multipliers and boost your winnings. 

The colours combined with the old school, retro feel give you a feeling similar to that of Hollywood stars. The game can be played on the go via mobile devices, so you are not going to miss out on anything wherever you are playing it from in the world. The game offers insane chances of winning and getting back more than your expectations. The game will continue to surprise you with perks like the wilds.

Basic Strategies To Consider While Playing

To ace any game, you need some strategic planning and execution to play the game better than your competitors. So, how do you do that? Don’t worry as we have got you covered. Play by our basic strategies by heart and be sure to get an edge over everyone you are competing on the table with.

Start Your Spin With Very Small Bets

Whenever you hit a winning combination, you should start doubling up the win using the gamble button. You should keep doubling up until you either miss & lose, or to the point until you win that high amount with which you can happily withdraw and leave.

This strategy might work wonders. For this strategy, start playing for small initial bets and after that bet the whole of the win in the next round till the point you win an amount big enough. This strategy uses increased bets instead of the double-up feature. If the amount you win exceeds the maximum bet in the slot which you are currently playing in then start placing the maximum bets.

Mind Your Budget

Be careful to not spend more than you have won in the previous round because you might lose a big part of your budget and significantly shorten the time of your play. This strategy has lower volatility and a lower overall RTP.

Keep A Watch On Your Bet Size

You also approach with a strategy in which you start spinning with a certain bet size and then keep spinning with the same bet to the point until you lose everything or you win enough or you decide to stop after a specific amount of time. A very basic trick to look up to is starting simple and small. This way there wouldn’t be much to lose and the small winnings will add up to constitute a good sum.

Check Payout Rates

It is very important that you keep a check on the payout rates of each and every single slot machine that you decide to play on. Each slot machine has a different setup of its own with different payouts, and the outcome really makes a  big difference.

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Odds And Probability

If you are playing a casino game, there are several odds and probabilities that might come your way. You can use them to your advantage if you know them well. So, let’s look at the odds and probabilities of the game. 

  • Winsanity offers a 94.26% return to player (RTP) percentage which is a bit on the low side. Well, the overall volatility is above the average volatility if we take a spin-per-spin basis into the account. 
  • The wild multiplier helps you to make a good amount of winnings. It comes in three variants and it can be Wild or Scatter. The 2x Wild appears on the first reel, on the second reel you get a 4x multiplier. The final reel Wild awards you with a huge multiplier of 6x. If you are lucky enough and get to land the three wilds then congratulations because the jackpot with 1000x your triggering wager is all yours.

Tips And Tricks

Let’s look at some tips and tricks that will be a game-changer in your execution. 

  • Avoiding the bet types which significantly decrease RTP.
  • This trick is for those who want big winnings. You can use the double-up feature to regulate the volatility. The double up allows you to double your win with a 50% chance. You can also do this multiple times in a row. This in turn dramatically increases the volatility of the game. In brief,  you exchange a lot of smaller wins for fewer wins of a higher value. This trick is easy to use and predictable.
  • Decreasing the number of your win lines to increase the volatility. Suppose if you bet $2 on one line, the average win will be much higher but less frequent than when you are going to bet $0.20 on 10 lines. When you are betting on 10 lines at the same instant then the wins in the paytable get 10 times smaller.
  • You will have to risk big to win big. Since you want to win big with the highest possible odds, you will have to ensure that the volatility of your strategy is up to the sky. To lose less money in the long run, you will have to keep the total sum of your bets to a minimum. To ensure that you minimize the total sum of your bets you will have to try and lose your budget with the least betting possible. If you do the above-mentioned procedure and given that the RTP remains the same, then you will have greater chances for a bigger win.
  • Be a smart gambler. A sensible approach to gambling is not to have really high expectations. This mindset will only set you up for disappointment from the very beginning itself and will make you take hasty decisions that could leave you worse off than before you even started.

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The Bottomline

Winsanity is the newest, colourful, easy to play 3-reel slot with a very high potential for huge winnings. By matching up any three icons, you earn yourself a win. The game has a retro touch to it and is very immersive. It has a very simple gameplay and not many complex strategies are required for you to make a win. 

Overall the design and theme is also very good providing you with the utmost enjoyment. Winsanity slot may be a classic and retro style game but it is modern in terms of the features it offers like it uses themed symbols rather than the boring old playing cards which made things less interesting.  As you keep progressing a storyline will unfold keeping boringness at bay and you will unlock a variety of new screens as well as new symbols and outstanding prizes.

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