Card Clash Table Game Strategies

Card Clash Table Game Strategies

The Wins & The Losses!

Card Clash is not a difficult game to play. It’s likely that you’ve already played the game under its original name, War. You were just competing to win cards back then. You have the option to play for real money in this version. 

Card Clash Table Game Strategies - The wins and the losses

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The rules are straightforward. An Ante bet is placed by the player. Each player and dealer is dealt one card. The highest card wins. The order of the cards is conventional, with 2 being the lowest and Ace being the highest. If the…

  • Player Wins: The player wins 1 to 1 on Ante, bringing the hand to a close. 
  • Dealer Wins: The player loses the bet and the hand is over if the dealer wins. 

When the player’s and dealer’s cards are tied, the game becomes more intriguing. The player is now asked to make their first decision (other than how much they want to bet). The player has to pick one of the following options:

  • Go to War: To advance, place an additional Play stake equal to the Ante. 
  • Surrender: To end the hand, you must give up half of your original Ante bet. 

The dealer will first burn three cards from the top of the deck when a hand goes to War. After that, both the player and the dealer are dealt a new card. Once again, the highest card wins. The stakes are higher this time, though. If the… 

  • Player Wins: On the Ante bet, the player receives a 1 to 1 payout; the Play bet is returned. 
  • Dealer Wins: Player loses both the Ante and Play bets if the dealer wins.

Second Set of Cards

Card Clash Table Game Strategies - second set of cards




Every game of Card Clash follows the same set of rules. What happens if two consecutive ties occur at some land-based and online gaming rooms is different. If the second set of cards handed ties after declaring war on a tie, one of the following rules will apply: 

  • Tight Rules: The player wins the hand automatically and receives the regular reward. 
  • Standard Rules: With a 2x bonus payout, the player automatically wins. 
  • Rules are generous: The player is instantly awarded a 4x bonus payout.

House Edge

Betting on a tie is (as usual) a bad deal, with a normal payoff of 10 to 1. No matter how many decks or rules are used, the house edge on tie bets is always larger. The house edge on a tie bet in Card Clash is calculated using the number of decks in play. We’ve included the theoretical RTP for comparison once more.


# of Decks House Edge RTP
1 5.88% 94.12%
2 6.80% 93.20%
4 7.25% 92.75%
5 7.34% 92.66%
6 7.40% 92.60%
8 7.47% 92.53%

Play Card Clash Table Game for Fun

Card Clash Table Game Tips & Tricks 

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Play Card Clash Table Game for Fun


Card Clash is unquestionably the easiest casino game to play, not to mention the fact that the chances are exactly 50 percent, so if you’ve caught the lucky bug, this is the game for you! Rival Gaming’s software version of the online game is the subject of this War card game review. Because there isn’t a lot of strategy in clash, it’s a good game for new gamblers or anyone who enjoys the game.

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