Double Joker Multi-Hand Video Poker Strategies – An Intermediate Guide

Double Joker Multi-Hand Video Poker Strategies

double joker online video poker game strategies


Two Jokers

double joker online video poker strategies

Each deck of cards contains two Jokers rather than just one. As a result, we have more opportunities to compile strong poker hands, and our chances of making premium hands are increased. We also have more combinations than with a standard French deck. 

The paytables or returns for paying hands differ from those of regular poker or other VP games. The best strategy for limiting the overall house edge varies as well.

Return & House Edge 

double joker online video poker game strategies

The expected margin by which the casino holds the advantage, based on probability, is referred to as the house edge. The house edge for Double Joker Poker can vary by about 2% depending on payout differences for specific hands. 

Rivals format is used by the majority of web-based Double Joker Poker games. This yields a theoretical return of 98.1 percent with a house edge of 1.9 percent. 

As a result, from the perspective of the player, Double Joker Poker is one of the riskier types of online VP styles. Double Joker Poker has a higher house edge than regular Joker Poker (Joker Poker is almost the same, but it has only one wild card).

Initial Hand

double joker online video poker game strategies

When compared to other VP styles, the main strategy for Double Joker Poker is a little more complicated. The strategy is divided into three parts: no joker is drawn in your first hand, one joker is drawn, and two jokers are drawn. 

When you play online video poker like this one, you have one advantage: you can keep strategy charts like these handy, which rank all the possible combinations in each case. All you have to do is figure out which hands (or partial hands) you can make and hold in order to win the highest-ranked case.

5 Credit Maximum Bet 

double joker online video poker game strategies


The payouts for Double Joker Poker differ from those of other Joker Poker variations. In most cases, the maximum payout for a natural five-card royal flush is 4000 credits. The paytable in Double Joker Poker is interestingly divided into four tiers. 

The biggest win for this is four aces, which pays 800 credits on a maximum bet of 5 credits. Although obtaining four aces is difficult, it becomes a little easier with the presence of two Jokers in the deck.

Play Double Joker Multi-Hand Video Poker for Fun

Double Joker Multi-Hand Video Poker Strategies, Tips & Tricks 

double joker online video poker game tips & tricks

Level up

The fifth video poker game in Rival’s Level Up Series is Double Joker Level Up Poker. In this game, the player alternates between four hands. In order to play the next game, he must first win the previous one. If he does, the next game is played with double the payouts.

Four Hands 

At the start, all four hands are dealt on the right side of the screen, and the first hand’s cards are turned face up. Players can select the number of coins from one to five on the left side of the screen, and the corresponding payout table for single payouts is displayed.

Double Joker Online Video Poker RTP 

double joker online video poker game strategies


Double Joker is an exciting and fun video poker game that can be played for free or for real money. It is one of Rival’s most popular video poker products, and it has stood the test of time. The game has a verified RTP of more than 98.10 percent, which means there are plenty of chances to win big. To increase their chances of winning when playing video poker, players should employ basic video poker strategy. 

New players will benefit from the free play, while experienced players with a larger bankroll will appreciate the four hands that can be played at the same time. This Rival video poker selection is well-liked by players all over the world.

Play Double Joker Multi-Hand Video Poker for Fun


Double Joker, a type of video poker, is popular among many players because there are two Jokers that can substitute for other cards and increase the chances of winning significantly. Winning combinations are the same as in traditional poker, with the exception of five of a kind (4 cards and a Joker), which is not found in traditional poker.

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