1.1 The terms contained in this document (General Conditions on Promotions and Bonuses) apply to all promotional offers available on our platforms (each one of them, the corresponding Promotion) and the specific promotional terms, also referred to as "Terms of Promotions" set in the home page (" Home page ") for the corresponding Promotion (Specific Promotional Terms) our" Terms and Conditions and “Privacy Policy" (collectively, the Rules) form a legal agreement between you and us that can only be modified with our consent or approval. By participating in any promotion, you agree to abide by the Rules.
    1.2 You must examine these "general conditions on promotions and bonuses" and any specific promotional terms applicable before participating in any Promotion.
    1.3 If there is any conflict or inconsistency between these General Conditions on promotions and bonuses, any applicable specific promotional Term and the terms and conditions of use, specific promotional Terms shall prevail, followed by the general terms on promotions and bonuses, but only to the extent necessary to resolve such conflict or inconsistency.
    1.4 You can print a copy of these General Conditions on Promotions and Bonuses by selecting the print option from your browser.
    1.5 Your use of the platforms and any services available therein is subject to the Rules.

Promotions and promotional terms

    2.1 Occasionally, we will launch promotions in the form of bonus offers (both real money and other incentive), raffle prizes, competitions, contests, leagues, tournaments, or other forms of promotion, or a combination of several of them. We will describe the type of particular promotion and provide complete data in the notifications we send you (such as e-mail, "pop-ups" and regular mail) on each Promotion (each of these Promotional Notifications) and / or about the "Homepage" for the relevant promotion.
    2.2 In every promotion, the promoter is the entity with which you have signed a contract agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of Use ("we", "us" and "our").
    2.3 The duration of the promotion (promotion period) will be detailed in the specific promotional Terms. The promotions will finish at the end of the relevant promotional period, at which point you can no longer participate. When no promotional period is specified, the promotion will end with the suspension of the promotion in question on the Platform.

Promotional notifications

    3.1 Unless otherwise stated in the promotional notification, participation in each promotion is open to players of any of our Platforms, but will be limited to one per person, family, family unit or organization to which we sent the promotional notification. We reserve the right to limit participation in certain promotions to players who meet certain criteria. When a promotional notification allows the participation of multiple players, we reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to limit the number of participants.
    3.2 The promotional communications are solely directed to a recipient or category of specific receptors, and are not transferable, unless otherwise indicated in the notification itself. If you are not the recipient or do not fall into the category of recipient targeted by the notification, the offer will be void.

Eligibility to participate in promotions

    4.1 To qualify for participation in a promotion, you must:
    (a) be eighteen (18) years or more, or be an adult under the laws of your state or home country or autonomous region;
    (b) have legal authorization to use our services in accordance with our General Terms of Use;
    (c) if the promotion is directed specifically to players who reside and / or are in a particular country, as indicated in specific promotional terms, these must reside and / or be in that country;
    (d) Have completed the registration process in the Platform for the relevant service and have opened an account for real money play (account) in accordance with our Terms and Conditions, unless specific promotional terms indicate that a route is available "in which there is need to purchase "and as provided in Section 5.2;
    (e) Meet any other eligibility criteria established in the relevant sections of these General Conditions on standard Promotions and Bonuses regarding certain general categories of the promotion and in the applicable specific promotional Terms, and
    (f) Be the authorized person (as defined in Section 6, below-authorized Player-).
    4.2 To be eligible to participate in a promotion aimed at new players, or described as an offer for a "new player" or "registration" (or similar) can not have previously opened an account or have made a deposit for any of our services. Such promotions cannot be used in combination with other promotions.
    4.3 The identity of each participant in a promotion shall be determined in the following or a combination thereof: name, surname, ID number, mailing address, e-mail, debit card / credit / purchase, IP address and other forms of identification may be necessary. We reserve the right to request more information about you if you want to participate in certain promotions.

Participation in promotions

    5.1 Participation in any promotion is voluntary. You can choose to reject the offer to participate in a promotion simply by ignoring the corresponding promotional notification.
    5.2 To participate in a promotion, you must follow the instructions in the corresponding promotional notification on the page that contains the promotion and, as appropriate, in the specific promotional Terms. When the promotional notification or page that is showing the promotion does not require making any purchase to participate in the promotion, you can participate by sending an e-mail to the address specified there.
    5.3 Unless otherwise indicated in specific promotional Terms, you can only participate once in each promotion.

Disqualified and ineligible players

    6.1 Will be disqualified
    a. Managers, executives, directors, employees, consultants or agents of Willis Casino or any of its subsidiaries, parent companies or affiliates, or any of their suppliers or distributors (including advertising agencies and printing) or any manager, officer, director, employee, consultant or agent of an entity related to a promotion, or relatives of any of the above-mentioned positions. By "relatives" we mean, but not limited to spouses, parents, children, siblings and anyone who belongs to the same family unit in any of the above-mentioned positions.
    b. The players who want to play at Willis Casino must know and verify if in their countries is legal to play at online casinos, and if they are within their jurisdiction.
    .c. Any person who, on its own initiative or by a court decision had been registered in some Interdiction General Register of Access Game. (Collectively, unauthorized persons).
    Unauthorized persons are prohibited from engaging in any promotion.
    6.2 If an unauthorized player participated in a promotion, we reserve the right, without prejudice to any other rights provided in the Rules, to request the return of any bonus, payment, reward or prize, even if the player's own.
    6.3 We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to disqualify any player who cheats or interferes or attempts to interfere with the eligibility process, or operation of a promotion, or whose conduct involves a breach of the Rules or contrary to the purposes of these Rules or the purpose of that promotion, or who may, in our opinion, cause discredit to any company of our Group, to us or to their respective brands.

Authorizing Deposits

    7.1 Unless the applicable Specific Promotional Terms indicate that there is an available access path to the promotion "in which there is no need to buy" (or that such exemption is available), participation in any promotion is subject to regular minimum deposits in your account from the moment it is opened (authorizing deposit), unless specific promotional terms indicate the need for a different authorizing deposit.).
    7.2 Transfers between accounts of various players (player "A" transferring money to player "B") and inverse money withdrawals are not considered deposits in meeting the minimum requirements for an authorizing deposit.
    7.3 The requirements of authorizing deposits are as follows: Each user can view in his/her account the current standard deposit limits. The company reserves the right to revise these deposit limits and change them or modify them if it sees fit. Payment of the winnings from the user's account may be taken into account when determining the personal limit, increasing the allowed deposit limit to an amount equal to all payments made within the last 30 days. Users can also reduce the standard deposit limit. In this case, the deposit limit will be determined by the user and may again be modified if necessary. Furthermore, in cooperation with the society, users may set a limit above the standard deposit limit. However, in this case, the company reserves the right to reduce this limit at any time and return to the standard deposit limit.

Release and withdrawal restrictions

    8.1 With respect to certain promotions, you must meet certain release or withdrawal requirement (as applicable), in addition to general eligibility criteria set out in the Promotional Terms, before using a bonus, playing with it or withdrawing it (as appropriate), or as a condition to be eligible for a prize or to compete in a tournament, a league or contest. These requirements or restrictions are detailed in the specific promotional Terms.
    8.2 When one of the requirements of the promotion is to play a certain number of games and hands or making a certain number of bets, then, unless otherwise indicated in specific promotional Terms, the games and hands played or bets placed in tournament tables (unless the promotion is a tournament) or virtual money tables will not be taken into account.
    8.3 When a promotion requires the accumulation of a certain amount of points, then, unless otherwise stated in the Specific Conditions of the applicable promotion, the reference to "Points" shall mean normal Points accumulated only during the promotional period in question. Unless otherwise stated in the Specific Conditions of the applicable promotion, the Points accumulated through Jackpots or those exchanged or used in any manner that is unrelated to such promotion will not be included for this requirement, and once the Points have been exchanged in connection with a promotion, you cannot recover them and they will not count as valid in order to determine compliance with the betting and withdrawal requirements for promotions.
    8.4 When one of the requirements of the promotion is to place a bet, then, unless otherwise indicated in specific promotional Terms, bets and bonuses (Welcome bonus, etc.) and any earnings derived therefrom may be withdrawn only after betting the amount received 200 times. For example, to withdraw a € 10 bonus and any winnings accrued by it, a member must bet € 2.000. To cancel your Welcome Bonus before you can withdraw your initial deposit, please contact our customer service department.

Payment of bonuses free of charge (hereinafter referred to as the "Bonuses").

    9.1 The payment of real cash bonuses is subject to Clause 8.1, unless otherwise indicated in specific promotional Terms, will be made in the accounts of authorized players within seven (7) days after registration in the specific promotion.
    9.2 The use of any real cash bonus is subject to our review of irregular gambling patterns. In order to ensure fair play and proper use of the bonuses, we consider that making minimum margin or no risk bets, or zero or minimum risk bets, is an irregular practice when used to abuse the bonuses. Other examples of irregular gambling patterns include:
    (i) making one or multiple bets on a value of 50% or more of the bonus in a single game, single hand, or round, accumulating balances and significantly changing the way you play (value of the bet, game type, betting structure, etc..) in order to meet the requirements to release the bonus;
    (ii) making big bets resulting in substantial gains followed by a decrease in the value of the bets to a minimum of 75% of the average previously bet to meet the requirements of the bonus release;
    (iii) if we suspected that you had tried to abuse a bonus offered by Us in good faith to obtain a higher degree of fun (for example, by accepting a bonus, you meet the minimum bet requirement and then withdraw the money).
    If we suspected you used an irregular gambling pattern, we reserve the right to refuse the withdrawal of funds from the Account and / or retain any earnings from the use of the bonus.
    9.3 In case you accidentally paid excess money or more than one real cash bonus to an authorized player, we reserve the right, without prejudice to any other rights provided by the Rules, to request a refund of any payment or real cash bonus made in the account of that player.


    10.1 Players authorized to win a prize as a result of a draw, competition, league or tournament conducted in a promotion (hereinafter winner and prize, respectively) must accept the prize "as is" and will not be entitled to an alternative amount in cash, unless we decide, in our sole discretion, to offer a cash alternative (which could be less than the total value of the prize). We reserve the right at all times to substitute a prize for one or more prizes (other than a cash alternative amount) of equivalent value. We can perform this action, particularly if it is impractical or too costly to bring the particular prize to the winner's place of residence.
    10.2 The awards shall be chosen randomly and whenever players are authorized, there will be no favoritism in relation to gender, age, geographical location, their history as authorized players, the channel or platform used or any other factor.
    10.3 All prizes shall be chosen at the same time or within the timeframe specified in the corresponding specific promotional Terms and unless otherwise stated a cash prize shall be paid to the winner's account. Whenever we need to give a player a prize other than in cash, you may need to sign a receipt, but in any case, we reserve the right to require you to be the one to pick it up, this includes, without limitation, impractical prizes or excessively expensive to deliver. If the award is not an amount in cash, we will do as much as we can to contact the winner using the contact information in his/her account, but if we are unable to contact the winner within the following thirty (30) days to the award of the prize, we reserve the right to choose an alternate winner or cancel the award without liability to the winner.
    10.4 We reserve the right to refuse to award a prize or request the return of an already paid prize if the winner is not entitled to receive such an award in accordance with the laws in force (taking into account that the winner will be the only responsible for ensuring that he/she is entitled to receive the award) or if we have reason to disqualify the winner in accordance with Section 6.3.
    10.5 When competing in a tournament, league or contest and whenever, for any reason, you cannot continue or decide not to move to the next round despite being entitled to do so, you will lose your place and will not be eligible to receive an award at the next round, or on subsequent or final rounds.
    10.6 The rights of receipt of a prize are not transferable.
    10.7 The winner is solely responsible for paying any applicable taxes relating to the prize and any costs associated with the prize or its use, including, without limitation, the cost of compliance with any requirements of local laws in force. An example of these associated costs includes without limitation, registration, insurance contract or the issuance of the driver's license if the prize is a motor vehicle, the issuance of a passport or compliance with the requirements of travel insurance or the visa if the prize is a trip abroad, or, when it comes to awards that are in a specific place (for example, an event, activity or holiday period), the cost of travel to and from the place in question (unless the prize includes travel, or consists of a trip by plane, train or boat, in which case the winner will be responsible for traveling to and from the point of departure).
    10.8 When an award consists of an event, activity or holiday period, or a service, the winner will be solely responsible for complying with any condition or instruction for registration of the corresponding provider or organizer and must comply with any restrictions on dates and times regarding the prize (which may not be rescheduled) and all other eligibility restrictions imposed by the relevant supplier or organizer. The contract for the event, activity, holiday period or service will be between the winner and the corresponding provider or organizer, and we will not be part of that contract or have any obligation with respect to its compliance or noncompliance, which is the sole responsibility of the relevant provider or organizer. We will not provide any assurance in relation to the prizes consisting of events, holiday periods or services, including, without limitation, assurance against cancellation or liability.
    10.9 When we make use of names or trademarks of third parties in connection with any prize, all of them shall be the property of the respective owners. No license, affiliation, sponsorship or promotion may be levied or inferred from the use of such names or trademarks, or use of any photograph in a prize. Any photograph used to promote an award is used for illustrative purposes only and the actual prize may differ from that shown in the photograph, including, without limitation, make, model, specifications, color, finish, packaging and other features.
    10.10 The offering of a particular prize does not mean that we are sponsoring or promoting the corresponding manufacturer, distributor, supplier or organizer, nor that we are affiliated to it.
    10.11 The winner is solely responsible for the use of the prize. Unless so expressly provided in these General Conditions and in the specific promotion, does not establish or accept other representations, warranties, conditions or terms and no other terms shall apply, between the Company or Operator and any participant in relation with the Prize, including without limitation, any terms such as eligibility, reliability, satisfactory quality or sufficiency for that purpose, or any other implied terms, all of which are excluded to the extent that the law allows.

Prize Draw

    11.1 As regards the prize draw, winners will be chosen from all the registrations carried out correctly (the details of the process used are described in Clause 11.2 [hereinafter "the draw process"]) and whenever players are authorized, there will be no favoritism in relation to gender, age, geographical location, their history as authorized players, the channel or platform used or any other factor.
    11.2 The draw process is as follows:
    (a) Each valid registration in a drawing by authorized players will be entered in a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel, and will be assigned a unique random number between 1 and the total number of registrations for that drawing in particular (hereinafter "unique ID ");
    (b) We will use the Microsoft Excel random number generator function to determine the unique ID numbers that correspond to the winners of that drawing in particular.

Advertising and intellectual property

    12.1 By participating in a promotion where you can win a prize or that may give rise to a competition, league or tournament that allows you to advance into different rounds, you agree to cooperate in any promotional, advertising and business activity that we may produce or organize ourselves. You must also agree if you are required to do so to (a) wear a specific brand of clothing or a particular dress and (b) sign an irrevocable release form that allows us, without compensation, to use your name, photograph, image , details of the country and / or city of residence and any comment made by or attributed to you, and incorporate this information and any audio and visual recording for promotional purposes in any media worldwide.
    12.2 When you participate in an event organized by us and related to a promotion, you agree not to use third-party brands or promote any company regarded as the competition, including, without limitation, other gaming companies, and you agree not to behave so that it could, in our founded opinion, lead to the discredit of our Company or the Group, our affiliates or any of our brands. Should there be any violation of this requirement, we reserve the right not to release the award or claim its return.
    12.3 With respect to the registration while participating in a promotion, you warrant that the material in question is entirely your own, and that it does not infringe intellectual property rights or other rights of third parties. You agree to assign all rights (including intellectual property rights) in such material (and, if any, rights granted to you by third parties, you further agree to waive them) and agree to execute any document and do everything necessary to ensure our ownership of such material and allow us to use it and fully exploit it.

Currency Exchange

    13.1 When in a notification, advertisement or other commercial material belonging to a promotion a sum of money is mentioned (Promotional Amount), and there is a requirement that the promotional amount should be changed to the currency of your account, such action shall be subject to current exchange fees at the time of conversion. For more information, see the "FAQs" or contact our "Customer Care Team." You acknowledge and agree that the exchange rates of foreign currencies may be subject to rapid fluctuations, and therefore we cannot assume any responsibility for any changes that occur between the moment when we offer you to participate in the promotion and the moment of currency exchange.

Our Responsibility

    14.1 Except with respect to death or personal injury caused by our negligence or misleading statement, or any other liability which can not be limited or excluded by law, we assume no responsibility for your participation (or inability to participate) in any Promotion, including without limitation, any use made (or inability to use) of any prizes, to the point where the law allows.
    14.2 If it is not possible to conduct a promotion as it was planned, including any technical problem or circumstance beyond our control, we will not incur in any responsibility and shall not make any payments, issue rewards or bonuses of any kind.

Modification and promotions completion, modification of the Rules

    15.1 We reserve the right to modify, suspend or terminate a promotion, or any aspect thereof at any time with or without notice, for any reason, including, without limitation, the existence of an error in printing, writing or distribution of a promotional notification in the Platform, or when an error occurs in the preparation or supervision of a promotion which could affect the outcome of it, the number of participants or the amount of the prize involved.
    15.2 We may amend the Rules at any time and we will publish the amended terms on the page or pages of the Platform. We recommend that you regularly check the General Promotion Conditions. To continue to participate in a promotion, you agree to any modification in the terms and conditions we have published.


    16.1 You may not assign or transfer any of your rights or obligations in accordance with the Rules.
    16.2 No third party may enforce the Rules against us.
    16.3 The fact that we have not demanded the fulfillment of a right, as provided in the Rules, will not result in the waiver of that right.
    16.4 If any part of the Rules is declared unenforceable by the law of your country, the remaining parts shall not be affected and shall remain in force.
    16.5 Our decision or determination on all matters relating to promotions is final and no arguments will be accepted. Any dispute or situation not covered by the Rules shall be resolved by our managers in the manner considered more equitable for all involved and, as provided in the next section, that decision shall be final and binding on all players.
    16.6 Spanish law shall apply to the Rules, to which we will both be subject, and any disputes that may arise between the parties relating to the Rules or to any Promotion, shall be resolved exclusively by the Spanish Courts and Judges.
    16.7 If these General Promotional Terms or any other applicable promotional Specific Term is translated into a language other than Spanish and there is any inconsistency between the two versions, the Spanish version shall prevail.

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