Strike Gold

The Progressive jackpot climbs, without bound, until a player wins it. The Jackpot will pay out approximately $50,360 every 450,000 spins ($900,000 in wagering). Because of the inherent randomness, it is impossible to predict how high the jackpot will climb at any given time.

Game pays out 91%, and 5% of each max bet wager is contributed towards the progressive jackpot. Wagers of less than maximum bet do not contribute to the progressive jackpot and are not eligible to win it.

  • Game type: 3-Reel Slot
  • Volatility: Low
  • Expected return to player: ~94.23%
  • Average Payout simulation: $27,695
  • Maximum Payout during simulation:
  • $307,679 (This is not a limit on the size of the jackpot)
  • Minimum Payout during simulation: $5,000
  • Average wagers before payout: 226,950
  • Average wagering before payout: $453,900
  • Available coin sizes: 1.00 (configurable)
  • Coins per line: From 1 to 2 coins wagered per line
  • Default wager configuration: $1.00 coin × 2 coins per line × 1 lines = $2.00

Game attributes: Progressive Jackpot

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