KYC (Know Your Customer)

Verify of personal identity.

1. Which document we accept to verify your account:

We accept the following identity documents: passport, identity card or driving license. You can send a scan of your ID to

2. I need to update my ID before making a withdrawal:

If the document you sent previously to verify your identity has expired we will need a copy of a new valid document.

If your ID has expired we will not be able to process withdrawals until you submit a new one.

3. Age verification:

Bets are only allowed for adults. The age at which gambling or gambling activities are considered legal under the law or jurisdiction that applies to it ("the Relevant Age"). We may conduct research through third parties to verify that customers are at least 18 years old. Should such verifications fail to ascertain this requirement, Willis Casino reserves the right to request proof of majority age. Until such proof is provided, customer accounts may be suspended and related funds withheld.

4. Verification of identity:

It is important for us to be able to verify the identity of our customers both to adhere to the regulations governing the sector and to ensure the security of the accounts. This process is called Identity Verification. Please note, until you have completed the Identity Verification process, there may be restrictions on the execution of transactions.

5. Account verification:

To complete the verification of your account we will require a copy of your passport, identity card or driving license. You can send a scan of one of these documents to

6. The document was not accepted:

In some case we may contact you if we are unable to verify your document.

The reasons why a document is rejected could be the following:

- the document was not shown in full (all four corners were not visible)

- the document had expired

- the document was not one of those accepted

- the picture was not clear

7. Verification procedure:

You need to validate your account before you can make a withdrawal. For this, we may ask you for forms of identification.

Our verification procedure follows these two steps:

1. Verification of name and surname and date of birth

2. Verify residential address

If you are sending documents to complete both steps, be sure to use a different document for each step.

8. Verification times:

Documents are normally verified within 48 hours. On some occasions, due to the high volume of work, the verification of documents sent by email may be delayed, however please be assured that this review will be completed as quickly as possible and that we will send you an email notification as soon as we got the results.

9. Information to verify your funds:

To verify the origin of your funds, we may ask you to provide us with additional information and documents that demonstrate that you have sufficient funds to support your gaming business. To this end, we may request information regarding your employment and salary, as well as supporting documentation such as a copy of a bank statement or pay slip.

Although information related to your employment is required, we will not contact your employer as part of these verifications. We will let you know what information or documents we need to complete the enhanced verification process.

10. Treatment of Information by Willis Casino:

Personal information you provide or in our possession from other sources will be processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

The Privacy Policy describes how Willis Casino treats the information and data that customers provide to us in order to regulate their dealings with us.

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