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Remember that you can use a credit/debit card Visa, MasterCard and or a payment in Cryptocurrency which still remains an option to make quick, secure, free and immediate to make a deposit into your account.

Try now to make a deposit with your Credit or Debit card preferred or a payment in Cryptocurrency, for any problem you may have please contact our customer support by sending an email to support@williscasino.com we are at your disposal to solve any problem.

Please be aware that some payment methods can process your deposit within 3 - 5 days, for example, a bank transfer or check, this period varies depending on the method you have selected for processing.

For further information how to deposit by Bank Transfer or Check, please always contact us on: support@williscasino.com

Guide to Cryptocurrency Deposits.

This guide will walk you through how to deposit to fund your account using eWallets. 40 and more cryptocurrencies are accepted.

If you encounter any difficulties during the process, please contact us on : support@williscasino.com

1. Login to your account, in the drop-down menu click on "Deposit" and then choose "Crypto" as deposit system. 

and immediately after click on “Pay Now”

 Now you can choose your deposit cryptocurrency from the list, remember you can choose from 40 and more cryptocurrencies.

3. After selecting your favorite cryptocurrency you will see the minimum transaction amount and the address to send the payment to, remember to send the exact minimum amount suggested, any other amount lower than the suggested amount will be lost.

See the example below:

Only send BTC to this address. Any lower amount suggested will be forfeited, note that we do not charge any fees but you must pay attention to the application of blockchain fees.

An email will notify you of the success of the transaction.

Normally the transfer takes a few minutes to be available in your Willis Casino account, your Cryptocurrency deposits will be displayed in your Willis casino account converted into USD, EURO or GBP, this is to simplify as not all games support the different Cryptocurrencies.

You will see deposits as ”Deposit Willis Casino”, and withdrawals will show “Withdrawal Willis Casino”.

The minimum amount for a deposit is 10 $/€/£.

Yes, there are. At the time of opening the account, the following limits will apply:

• A daily limit of 1.000 $/€/£

• A weekly limit of 3.000 $/€/£

• A monthly limit of 9.000 $/€/£

If you reach your deposit limit, you will not be allowed to make any other deposits. You will see a message letting you know you are exceeding the limit.

In case you want to reduce these limits, you can change them through your player account by accessing the "Deposit Limits" option.

If you want to increase your deposit limits, you will need to contact our Customer Care Center

You can play immediately after receiving the money through the payment gateway, from the payment method you selected for it. If you do it via a bank transfer, you can play within 2 or 3 days after verification that the money has reached our Willis Casino account, if you used a credit/debit card or cryptocurrency payment method, the deposit will be available in your account immediately.

Willis Casino currently accepts Visa and MasterCard credit/debit cards, as an alternative to these cards you can make a deposit with Cryptocurrency which will give you many more advantages, or by wire transfer and bank check or any other payment method that you will see on the site in the section called "Deposit".

Yes. To make a deposit via bank transfer you have to choose the bank transfer option in the "Deposit" section in your account. Once there, you can see what are all the data required to make and issue a transfer to us. It is very important that under the CONCEPT section, you enter your ID number, NIE or identity document as a reference, so that we can clearly identify you. The deposit by transfer usually reflects in our bank within 24 hours and as soon as we receive it, your balance will be credited to your account.

To further information how to deposit by Bank Transfer or Check, please always contact us on support@williscasino.com

All you will have to do is request this code used to make secure transactions online to your bank.

MasterCard Secure Code or Verified by Visa are security systems offered by Visa and MasterCard and which aim to protect our credit card number from possible unauthorized online transactions. In summary, it is a higher level of security that is activated on the credit card circuit. Furthermore, for further protection, the bank will ask you to enter a valid mobile number where you will receive a secret code as further protection on your transactions.

It is a 3-digit number located on the back of your card. These three digits authenticate your card and protect you from possible fraud.

In the different game modes, there is a possibility to play without using real money.

The latest FAQ on deposits at our Willis Casino Online.

FAQ Deposits Frequently Asked Questions:

The Frequently Asked Questions About Deposits that users have asked us. If you have any questions about any question the answer is here. The best answers from Willis Casino online, find the question and read the answer we offer. If you have not found a clear answer, connect to our chat in real time or always contact us at support@williscasino.com and you will be answered by one of our operators.

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