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Basics to understand and master the game of slots

•  Depending on the type of machine, the player must select a specific initial value of tokens or coins to play.

•  To start the slot machine the player must press the "spin" button (or toggle button, in the case of traditional machines).

•  The player can choose the value of the bet to make increasing or decreasing the values shown in the top and bottom of the screen.

•  The "Bet One" and "Bet Max" buttons allow, respectively, increasing bets by 1 or making a bet using all available coins.

•  The maximum amount can be 3 to 5 tokens.

•  Some slot machines have a “multiplier" function, allowing players to bet with several coins or tokens to achieve more significant gains. Indeed, each coin played, in case of victory, multiplies profits.

•  Slot machines have one or more pay lines, which are lines drawn across the reels to identify a figure.

•  Players can choose the number of pay lines with which they want to play with a maximum of 9.

•  Players can benefit from free spins or mini games, depending on the bonuses earned during the game.

You can check the awards panel, which will help you, clarify what is the value of each element of the game and how you can get bonuses.

The latest generation slot machines have a bonus system, which allow users to benefit from free spins or additional credits, depending on the case.

This is a category of jackpot or bonus that increases as players use the slot machine that offers the bonus. Sometimes progressive bonuses are associated to a casino slot machines network. Once issued, the progressive jackpot returns to zero.

This is a line on which the player makes bets.

Slot machines have more than one payline combinations likely to form. Some multi-line slot machines have up to fifty paylines.

In English, wild symbol. It is an acronym that can replace any symbol, which can form a winning combination.

In each reel, several symbols that change at every spin are displayed. The slots can contain up to five reels.

The "scatter" symbols show a winning, regardless of the order or timing of the payline. The gain generated by this symbol is Free Spins.

Free Spins can be obtained when the player gets three Scatter-type symbols. The latter appear in the display and refer to a specific number of free spins.

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